Seafood Freezing and Chilling

Shellfish, Seafood or Fish

Food Markets

Starfrost maintains its ability to work alongside any processequipment supplier, providing bespoke industrial freezers and chillers. We specialise in custom designed low to medium capacity continuous systems, as well as larger site-built equipment.

The list below provides an overview of Starfrost systems suitable for each application. For more detailed information relating to your specification get in touch with our experts.  

Shellfish, Seafood or Fish

  Hybrid Helix Turbo Contact Velocity Carton









caviar in pot        
molluscs - clams, oysters, mussels - shell on      
molluscs - clams, oysters, mussels - shell off    
eel portions      
fish fingers or fish cakes        
shrimp, prawn, langoustines        
 surimi or fish sticks            
 flat fish - plaice          
 small fish - sardines            
medium fish - cod, haddock            
large fish thick - salmon