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IQF Impingment Freezers

VELOCITY - fast freezing IQF tunnel with high speed dual direction airflow



Impingement freezing is most suited to flat shape products, such as hamburgers and seafood, and provides the ideal solution for food manufacturers looking to progress to a continuous freezing process or requiring an increase or diversity in production.


A key feature of our impingement freezers is hygiene, designed to be easily accessible for cleaning and servicing, as well all featuring an all stainless steel construction with seam welded, self-draining floor system.


Cost effective
The Velocity impingement freezer is not only capable of extremely quick IQF, it offers low capital and operating costs. With significantly lower costs than cryogenic freezing, the impingement freezer can deliver an 18-month payback in comparison to a nitrogen tunnel.    



Quick, cost-effective freezing of flat products

Crust freezing meat logs of regular and irregular size

Re-freezing fish fillets and other seafood after glazing

Full freezing of flat products such as fish fillets and burgers

Pre-conditioning steamed, cooked and fried products

Cost effective alternative to cryogenic nitrogen freezing