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IQF Fluidised Tunnel


Modular twin belt system with innovative technology for fluidised IQF food product.

Starfrost’s Turbo is a fluidised bed tunnel freezer. This twin belt fluidisation system allows effective individual quick freezing of large quantities of loose products. Even wet, sticky and delicate food items normally considered difficult to freeze are carefully handled and effectively processed.



This freezer is designed as a two stage freezing system with each stage being carried out on a separate conveyor belt, to ensure separation and even fluidisation of the product and consistent crust freezing, even when producing at reduced capacity.



Sequential defrost allows constant operation for up to 2 weeks, maximising product capacity. 


Fluidised Technology 

Innovative fluidisation enables complete and effective IQF for a wide range of products, maximising yield and profitability. 


Suitable product applications include French fries, frozen herbs, bean sprouts, cooked rice and pasta, minced meat and a wide range of fruit and vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, peas, tomato and diced peaches.



  • Hygienic design with accessible internal areas 
  • Controlled automated system with vibratory in-feed conveyor
  • Continuous separation and fluidisation of product particles
  • Initial Turbo crust freezing zone for fast surface conditioning
  • Product transfer to deep fluidised bed for final freezing
  • Independently adjustable airflow and conveyor belt speeds
  • in production belt cleaning available 
  • Custom designed enclosure tunnel 
  • Welded stainless steel flooring and construction for ultimate hygiene
  • Optional FRS (Frost Removal System) providing more than 22 hours between defrosts
  • Optional ‘Sequential Defrost’ allows in excess of 14 days continuous operation
  • Deep conveyor sides to maintain product position 


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