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Industrial freezing and chilling solutions

IQF Tunnels and Spiral Systems

Starfrost offer an extensive range of freezing and chilling solutions for every food application. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the food industry, allows us to work with you to select the most suitable process for your business. Each IQF & spiral system is custom built around you, to exact specification and food product characteristics for a tailor made solution. 

  • Helix

    Spiral Freezers & Chillers

    Compact site built and packaged spiral systems with horizontal or vertical airflow.

  • Velocity

    IQF Impingement Freezer

    Versatile IQF Freezer to harden, chill, freeze using single configuration.

  • Turbo

    IQF Fluidised Tunnel

    Modular twin belt system with innovative technology for fluidised IQF food product.

  • Hybrid

    Inline IQF Tunnel

    Efficient Tunnel Freezer with flexible multi belt design for quick, cost-effective freezing.

  • Contact

    Plate Freezer & Hardener

    Instant crust design with a non-stick belt to eliminate belt marks & increase product yield.

  • Carton

    Freeze & Chill Tunnels

    Air blast based system provides uniform conditioning for cartoned product.