Service Solutions for IQF & Spiral Systems

We've got you covered

IQF & Spiral maintenance, optimisation & components

Performance and reliability  

Our team of technical experts have solutions to increase production, maximise energy efficiency and streamline processes of your freezing and chilling equipment.The extensive range of services we offer are designed to maximise and maintain system efficiency, ensuring the future success and profitability of our customers.

Designed around your business

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure the services and upgrades we supply are built entirely around specification, guaranteeing a bespoke service that is tailored to you. We aim to provide you aftercare services that will support you throughout the progression of your business.  

Continuous improvement

We are committed to the constant innovation of our products and services. Working with our customers to implement optimisation upgrades on new projects as well as modernising existing systems, to ensure our whole customer base benefits from the latest in technological advancements.

Maintenance & Modification

We ensure maximised operational performance with an extensive range of services and support.


Upgrades and Optimisation

We provide unrivalled expertise with the option of upgrading your equipment.


Spare components

We offer technical advice and supply replacement parts and components for IQF & Spiral systems.



We provide specialised training to suit your needs.