Case Studies
  • Pladis is the global snacking company behind well-loved brand McVitie’s. The new upgrade was installed at the company's Cake Bakery in Halifax, where household favourites such as McVitie's Jamaica Ginger cake and McVitie's Hobnob Chocolate Flapjacks are baked. As part of a production upgrade programme, the bakery sought to replace its 20metre air tunnel for a state-of-the-art cooling system. Accurate temperature control was a key factor in the cooling project for McVities

  • Hangana Seafood, a subsidiary of Ohlthaver & List Group, produces frozen hake fillets and formed hake products from fresh fish landed by its own fleet of trawlers based in Walvis Bay, Namibia. The company sought technological advancements in freezing when its existing freezing process wasn’t producing seafood products that met internal quality standards.

  • Iqbal Poultry, a trading arm of Chesterfield Poultry Ltd, supplies the international retail and trade sectors with a variety of poultry products. The firm recently required a chilling system specifically for offal products after expanding its poultry operations at a newly acquired site in Thorne, UK.

  • Starfrost designed, manufactured and installed a Glacier spiral freezer system for Blakeman’s, combining IQF Spiral Freezer technology and a unique low volume ammonia refrigeration plant in one complete package.

  • Gilsons was recently looking to boost processing capacity on two bread production lines. The bakery firm also wanted to upgrade from a manual blast freezing process by investing in a fully automated freezing system.

  • Starfrost worked alongside the Bakkavor to develop the best IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) solution, ensuring maximum throughput, high efficiency and low energy costs for the customer.

  • The seafood processor required a specific freezing process, freezing directly after filleting for reduced drip & weight loss and increased product quality.

  • This project features three bespoke systems, which allows Coombe to produce a high capacity of multiple products, ensuring maximum throughput. The unique airflow of the Helix and film belt of the Contact System allows all delicate seafood products to be frozen quickly and evenly. The whole process allows the customer to improve quality and increase yield.

  • The Vadilal Turbo is fitted with a Frost Removal System, enabling the freezing tunnel to achieve continuous operation in excess of 22 hours, ensuring maximum line efficiency. In addition, the freezer has an insulated enclosure and all stainless steel structure with fully welded floor for ultimate hygiene.

  • Minor Dairy required an efficient, high capacity hardening system for large containers of ice cream. An ‘off the shelf’ in-line freezing system would simply not be capable of achieving the capacity and long retention time needed to harden large containers of ice cream.

  • Pinneys was looking to increase capacity on a new line of high value steam cooked seafood products, including shell off shrimp, lobster and crab. The company wanted to upgrade from a manual blast chilling process to a fully automated in-line system with energy efficient cooling plant.

  • “Starfrost offered a competitively priced spiral freezer, combining energy efficient operation with long run times and a hygienic low maintenance design. Starfrost built the freezing system to meet our exact specifications, enabling us not only to expand pie production, but also to launch a new line of ready meal solutions."

  • In conjunction with parent company Star Refrigeration, Starfrost was able to offer a turnkey solution, combining both an in-line spiral freezer and its associated low volume natural refrigerant plant.

  • “The Hybrid freezing tunnel has been a real benefit to our company. It has allowed us to increase capacity through our factory and offer an even higher quality product to our customers..."